Anthony Talley says:
Coach Avent has done a remarkable job in his 1st season and this was not a result of system that was previously in place. Yes the players returned, but Coach Avent’s experience as a division 1 player at UNC Wilmington has shaped his coaching style and benefited not just the team. It has energized the entire community. His no excuse mentality, superior conditioning, and his full court press made the team able to beat anyone they played. The buzz around Woodbury has touched young and old, male and female, black and white. Everyone loves Coach Kenny and his never say die attitude.
It does help that the beat teams by double digits all season and some of those teams used to look at Woodbury as a doormat. They had a tough schedule and beat teams like Haddonfield, Paulsboro, Eastern, Pittman, and Wilson.
He also helped players like Mark DiRugeris and others develop into better basketball players and have more confidence. But the most important thing is that some of his player that did not have a chance at a look from any division colleges are being considered. That is what it is all about getting kids a chance to better their life. Coach Kenny is a breath of fresh air in a community and world that so desperately needs it.

HERD says:
You can’t argue with what Avent has done with these boys. No one really took Woodbury basketball serious before this year. He got not only the whole school excited about this team but the entire community as well. he has done a remarkable job with a program that he didn't even have time to build.


March 5, 2016

Coach, Kenny Avent

Dear Kenny:        

            We (DC Jammers Basketball Team) recently received an invitation from the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) to participate in an international goodwill tournament to be held from May 19-29, 2016 in Guyana, S.A.  This occasion is in celebration of Guyana’s 50th Anniversary Independence celebrations.

            We're writing to you to gauge your interest and availability to join the D.C. Jammers coaching staff on this auspicious occasion.  We think that because of your previous coaching successes on many levels, you are particularly suited to joint our coaching staff as one of our coaches. What has most impressed us most is your ability to have players buy into your coaching system, and understand the concept of “we over me.” Moreover, your ability to inspire players on all levels to do more than what they think they can do is a unique quality that any coaching staff could benefit from. Further, because of your unique basketball skills and experience, we believe the Guyana National Men’s Team could benefit from such. We would like to discuss with the GABF, while you are in Guyana, about you possibly joining the Guyana National Men’s Basketball Team coaching staff, as they try to qualify for the Olympics. Please contact us to indicate whether you are interested and available to join us on this good will tour.

D.C. Jammers Basketball, Inc.

Dennis A. Baird, Esq., President

/ s /

Re: International Coaching Opportunity in Guyana, S.A.

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